Real-time Freight Efficiency Solution

SOCIF would like to build up your Real-time Freight Efficiency Solution that is based on your specific needs because many freight management teams have reflected the urgent needs for fleet management data. We will let you monitor and control your fleet efficiency easily. 

We value individualized data analytics and customized UI/UX experience more than our clients. Therefore, we customize the offering for clients so that it satisfies your operation needs.

Fleet Efficiency At A Glance

Solution Features

  • Displaying freight punctuality
  • Displaying vehicle travelling distance
  • Displaying vehicle real-time location and route
  • Monitoring fuel consumption and fuel cost 
  • Projecting fuel consumption based on statistical trend 
  • Customizing your display and analytics
  • 2-years software and hardware installation, maintenance and control
H&M freight truck

A Successful Case-
An International Fashion Brand

We supply real-time freight efficiency monitoring solutions for an international fashion brand freight fleets. By installing  On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) on the fleets, we report the vehicle arrival time, punctuality, driving distance, driving route, fuel consumption, fuel costs and etc to the brand’s logistics management team.