Sustainable Mobility Soultion

As sustainability development is gaining more and more attention, businesses have gradually formulated Social Corporate Responsibility Performance Indicators (CSR KPI), and report their progress towards sustainability by 「Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Report」 (ESG Report) and Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) ). These are done to achieve new standards in emission reduction, carbon reduction, green travel and so on. We assist businesses to monitor the sustainability level of their fleets in real time and on a continuous basis. We make it easy for managers to capture important fleet information. All in all, we make your work easier.

Real-time CO2 Report,
A Tool To Reflect Your Sustainability Progress

Know the sustainability progress of your fleet, build up a sustainable brand image. 

Solution Features

  • Displaying real-time fuel consumption 
  • Displaying real-time CO2 emssion 
  • Analyzing driving behaviors
  • Assessing fleet green score
  • Customizing your display and analytics
  • 2-years software and hardware installation, maintenance and control
a car driving in forest

A Successful Case- An International Fashion Brand

We provide a Real-time Carbon Emission Monitoring Solution for freight fleets of international fashion brands. By installing On-board Diagnostics on the fleets, we report to the logistics management team on vehicle fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, drivers’ green driving behavior, green driving factors, and fleet real-time location and etc, to make sustainability of fleets visible and manageable. 

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