Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

We provide an estimated time of arrival system to enhance passenger experience and to make transportation management easier. With the ETA System, real-time data on vehicle position is displayed and corresponding adjustments based these real-time data can be done. ETA System is especially useful for logistics and passenger transportation industry. It allows staff members and customers to predict the arrival time of vehicles, which can highly improve operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

Wait with An Expectation

Traffic is one of the few things that cannot be predicted. To let your passengers wait with peace in mind, provide them with Estimated Time of Arrival.  

Solution Features

  • Displaying Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Displaying vehicle travelling distance
  • Displaying vehicle real-time location and route
  • Displaying real-time traffic information 
  • Monitoring driving performance and habits 
  • Customizing your display and analytics
  • 2-years software and hardware installation, maintenance and control
minibus parking

A Successful Case- The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

We provide Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) service for green minibuses serving The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. We installed GPS devices on 45 green minibuses and provided highly customized services according to the needs of multiple stakeholders, such as a new fleet management system for minibus operators, and a real-time minibus arrival program 「USTransit」 for HKUST staffs and students as well as the nearby residents.

Since the launch in September 2019, USTransit has attracted more than 14,000 downloads, and has gained recognition by HKUST staffs and students, minibus operators and nearby residents. It has also gained high media exposure. On the other hand, this project has won multiple local and international ICT awards.

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