Real-time Fleet Efficiency Monitoring Solution

As the technical partner of logistics companies, we strive to assist you in increasing overall operational efficiency

Real-time Fleet Efficiency Solution

Fleet management have reflected an urgent need of information on their fleet operation. The Real-time Fleet Efficiency Solution lets fleet management customize their projects, so that they can easily and conveniently grasp essential information about their fleet efficiency. We take the independence of data analysis and unique interface experience seriously, so we tailor the management dashboard as requested by customers to meet specific operational needs.

Features & Functions

Details like trip distance, live location & route, and etc are shown in our display to management.

The solution displays fuel consumption and corresponding charge, thus generating reports that brings your fleet management to the next level.

The solution includes 2-year system maintenance and support.


Fleet Efficiency At A Glance

Case Reference - International Fashion Brand

SOCIF provides Real-time Fleet Efficiency Solutions for an international fashion brand. By installing on-vehicle automatic diagnosis devices on the fleets, the solution reports the vehicle arrival time, punctuality, traveled distance, route, fuel consumption and estimated fuel costs to the brand’s logistics management team. This enables the brand to monitor its present fleet efficiency. Keeping the logistics management team well informed, the solution helps it make better decision on fleet operation to enhance the efficiency.

Utilising artificial intelligence for fleets to formulate the most effective route for you.

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Reducing up to 10% of fuel consumption

Allow you to grasp the customised information of your own fleet.