As the issue of sustainability comes under the spotlight, many corporates/ companies have started formulating  Corporate Social Responsibility Key Performance Indicators (CSR KPI), and report their business sustainability with the “Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Report” (ESG Report) and Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) ) so that they achieve new standards on the issue such as carbon reduction, green travel and so on. We assist companies to monitor the sustainability level of their fleets in real time and on a continuous basis on their road to a sustainable business. The solution lets business managers easily, conveniently grasp and report relevant information such as carbon emission. We make your path to sustainability easier.

Real-time CO2 Emission Reporting No More Worries On New Standards

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Display : 

  • Fuel consumption 
  • Real-time Carbon Emission and statistics 
  • Driving Behavior Analysis
  • Green Fleet Index 
  • Data analysis report & customization 

And 2 years of all-inclusive software and hardware, installation and maintenance

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Client Case - International Fashion Brand

The Real-time Carbon Emission (CO2) Tracking Solution made real-time carbon emission monitoring easy and convenient for freight management of our client, an international fashion brand. By installing on-vehicle automatic diagnosis systems on vehicles, the solution reports to the logistics management team on vehicle fuel consumption, carbon emission, drivers’ green driving behavior, green driving index, fleet real-time location and other important real-time data the brand needs. 

This enables the freight management team of the brand to track data on a real-time basis in order to make more timely, better operation decisions continuously throughout the non-stop logistics flow of the brand. It made Sustainability goal achievable as real-time data acts as a convincing evidence for logistics change during daily operation. Nevertheless, the ESG reporting at the end of the year is made easier for the brand with the provision of continuous data and statistics. 

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