As a startup

With our enthusiasm for Smart City, we work with pouring efforts and chur (do) until we are satisfied with the outcome. As a proud citizen of Hong Kong, we believe that we are responsible and capable to make a difference in the transportation in the city. 

Socif staffs to pose for a photo to promote USTranit app in front of booth
Socif staffs to pose for a photo

As a Team

A group of exciting young people;)

"Routine" working at a Startup - 2mins With SOCIF

A short video to show the “routine” (honestly, there is no such a thing as “routine”…) working at a startup and the working environment. 

We want you

We are now recruiting interns and new members. If interested, please send your CV via email @

Hardware Engineer

  • Design and develop electronic devices, components and systems for commercial, industrial or scientific use

Software Engineer

  • Developing applications
  • Research, design, develop and test operating systems
  • Establish operating specifications, formulate and analyze existing or new software requirements
  • Write, modify and test coding
  • Keep computer applications and software running

Business Development and Marketing

  • Discover the opportunities and challenges of SOCIF; and propose relevant strategies
  • Improve product applicability