Actualize Your New Ideas

Got new ideas?

Regardless the collaboration model, we are very happy to discuss and assist you on your way to Smart Mobility. We help you think through and customize solutions for you and ONLY you! 

Want to customize an application (APP) about vehicles and transportation? Want to build a platform for school buses? Want to design a booking/ payment system for your fleet team? How about becoming the market leader by introducing the newest technology into your fleet? They are all in our hands.

Customized Smart Mobility Solution


Until we are done, SOCIF always aims for win-win. We are passionate about learning your new ideas and assist you on the way.

Flexible Collaboration Model

Regardless of the model of collaboration, we keep ourselves flexible to enable the next wave of Smart Mobility.

Humbly & Actively Listening

SOCIF is proud of our professional as an innovative startup. We humbly and actively listen to the needs of different stakeholders.