Passenger Counting Solution

Citizens' mobility is the key to optimize traffic in a Smart City.

Real-time passenger data for dynamic transit services.

One of the most needed Smart Mobility solutions for the transportation industry

Performing real-time vehicle passenger counting, allowing transit operators & passengers to grasp the number of vacancies, at their fingertips.


Passenger Counting Solution enablesTransit Operatorto make data-driven strategic decisions and achieve:

Short term target

Route Efficiency & Revenue Evaluation

by collecting traffic statistics such as number of passengers served at specific point of time/ during specific time span, special route, etc, we can evaluate the cost-effectiveness of certain routes and make changes accordingly to minimize unnecessary cost.

Route Planning & Scheduling, Revenue Forecast

After referencing the past passenger travelling pattern such as number of passengers served in transit nodes, seasonal changes, we can help you better allocate resources to capture the demand in the market.

Instant Dispatch in response to Real-time Demand

Through tracking the real-time passenger loading, the system will automatically notify operators to adjust, for example dispatch more vehicles to accommodate the demand even in ad hoc situations to satisfy your customers anytime.

Higher Operational Efficiency

Using data analysis as operational planning can significantly increase the operational efficiency. Not only are operators reducing the cost to grab more opportunities, but also guaranteeing passengers a quality service. They will be ensured to have a pleasant journey.

Long term target

Better Communication with Passenger

Enhanced operational planning will establish positive relationship with passengers and satisfy them. This can reinforce your company’s image.

Enhanced passenger experience

When the service is more aligned with the actual demand, over-crowded situations can be prevented. By then, customers are waiting for seats and not just the vehicle.


Enhanced service bring tremendous impact topassengerswith:

Enhanced passenger experience

When the service is more aligned with the actual demand, over-crowded situations can be prevented. By then, customers are waiting for seats and not just the vehicle.

More comfortable transit journey

When traffic congestion problem is relieved, passengers will have a smoother journey. At the same time, there are also sufficient space and seats onboard.

Easier time management

When passengers have more real-time traffic news, they can make the most appropriate decision, e.g. avoid unnecessary travel during peak hour, so that they can have more flexibility and transparency to the travelling.

Social Distancing

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, prevent over-crowded traffic and carriage is essential to customers' personal safety and comfortableness. With adequate social distancing, passengers can enjoy a safer travel.

Support Package

The solution works with different systems: it integrates seamlessly into yours.

Analytics are facts, but how you want it to show and maximize your efficiency is subjective. No worries, we support full customization on how you want it. One solution, multiple possibilities.

We care about our user’s experience- we offer support to your chosen system and even system maintenance for up to 2 years of purchase.

Function Under Various Light Conditions

With our LiDar technology, we can detect passengers even in a very dim environment. No matter at night or day, we got your back with our highly-accurate sensors.



Afraid of intervening passengers’ privacy? No Problem. With LiDAR technology, we only capture passengers through depth imaging, which does not show any of their personal information to identify them. Safe, secure, and satisfying everyone’s needs.
Edge computing technology allows Passenger Counting Solution to complete local data processing in the vehicle, greatly reducing the cost of data transmission, and reducing delay caused by connectivity issues, especially inside the tunnels.



Easy Integration With Other AI Applications

Passenger Counting Solution is designed to support integration with different AI Applications, such as danger zone detection & alert for public bus, providing the most user-friendly and down-to-earth experience to all our clients.

Key Technologies

Edge Computing

Smart Mobility, Individuals' Mobility